About me

My name is Ravn. I grew up in frosty Norway and I moved from Stavanger to London in 2012 to study Technical Arts and Special Effects at University of the Arts. I graduated summer 2015 and since then I have been alternating between freelancing, doing commissions and selling my work online and in shops. My freelance-work consists of assisting in the making and building of sets and props for events, theatre, movies and commercials. Proficient in Polycarving, Sculpting, Modelmaking, Spraypainting, Fabricating Set-pieces and Costumes, Moulding/Casting and some Metalwork.

 I really enjoy technical challenges, interpreting designs and doing replica-work. I'm a maker at heart who finds the craft of creating something as accurate as possible and/or realising visual concepts and designs really gratifying!

When I craft merchandise for my shop; I often indulge myself in creating things just for the sake of beauty. I have a huge weakness for glittery, iridescent things, gems and crystals (another reason for my logo!) and I also really enjoy making items with a little bit of a fantasy-flair to them. If you'd like to enquire about a commission, you can send me an e-mail here! Otherwise I try to keep my shop updated pretty regularly with new creations!